KRAMER: Securing resources and providing added value.

For more than 90 years, KRAMER has been working day after day on solutions that secure resources and thus prevent them being wasted, while at the same time providing added value for its customers.

Our modular construction contacts

Bruno Tornow

Modular construction manager

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Andreas Peitz

Project manager

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We secure resources throughout Europe with our ideas, products and projects.

Securing resources.

The scarcity of resources is becoming more apparent every day – and it is no longer a noble quest to address this issue but a pressing concern for all of us.

Understanding needs.

We understand the needs of our customers, open up new perspectives for them and empower them with creative solutions that we implement professionally and to the highest standard of quality.

Stepping outside the box.

Creative and curious members of staff are the foundation upon which our innovations, our success and the future of KRAMER are built.

With heart and mind.

Working with customers and staff in harmony with our heart and mind to achieve our ambitious goals.

Our history

KRAMER, the insulation specialists.

Our story started in 1929 as specialists for building and industrial insulation. The idea: The better insulated a building is, the more resource efficient and economical its operation. Protecting our resources has always been at the heart of KRAMER’s work.

KRAMER, the cold room specialists.

A rapidly growing part of our services early on was the construction of cold rooms for industry, trade and catering. Here too, the rule was: The better the insulation, the greater the benefits for customers and the environment.

KRAMER, the shopfitting specialists.

At the request of our customers, we expanded our range of products to include complete shop fittings as early as the 1960s.

It was also around this time that we realised: Customers love working with companies that are experts in their field and execute complete projects for them – from the initial idea all the way to the handover of the keys.

KRAMER, the modular construction specialists.

What would you call a perfectly insulated room that can be moved at any time and comes with full shop fittings? The answer: A KRAMER modular construction.

For ten years now, we have been drawing on almost 100 years of know-how to create modern buildings that are as resource efficient as possible in both construction and operation and can be moved at any time.

KRAMER, the design specialists.

Standard has never been our business. Luckily, there are basically no limits when it comes to design options in modular construction. Working together with our designers and architects, we combine tried and tested elements to create ever new structural masterpieces.

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Bruno Tornow specialises in planning and developing modular buildings. He has successfully accompanied more than 50 projects.

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